House and Senate Pass Bill that could help ratepayers after failed nuclear plants

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)- This afternoon the House and the Senate passed two bills that could help lower your next utility bill.

“This is step one, we have more to do,”Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey said. “But this is a big step one.”

Both the House and the Senate rached an argeement on a deal that would cut your utility bill by 15%.

“The goal for both bodies is going to provide quick relief to ratepayers,” Representative Peter McCoy said. “Which is why I believe both bodies will take this up today.”

“I think we’ve got a good product,” Massey said. “If the house and the senate really work together to come up with something. It’s been tough people had very firm positions on things, but I think we’ve got a good product here.”

Massey says the bill will significantly lower ratepayers power bill for the next 6 months.

“The average customer is paying $27 a month just for VC Summer, this is going to knock that down to $5 a month,” Massey said.

The Senate bill will delay the approval of the Dominion deal until December 21.

Both bills will need McMaster’s signature before they can come. McMaster is expected to veto the House bill because it will charge ratepayers 3.2% for the failed project.

“I would hope the Governor would take a look at all the things in there and consider the consequence of doing that just over a temporary rate that’s going to be in affect for six months when you could affect the long term decision that could affect decades of rates,” Massey said.

Although both the House and the Senate passed two bills, lawmakers say they have a lot of work to do going forward as it relates to Santee Cooper.

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