Dabo Swinney’s full statement on social media posts from Ladies Clinic

GREENVILLE, S.C. (WOLO) – Dabo Swinney spoke Tuesday night serving as one of the main guests at the South Carolina Coaches for Charity event in Greenville. It was the first time Clemson’s head coach has reacted publicly to social media posts that were released from scenes inside Clemson’s Ladies Clinic at Littlejohn Coliseum Saturday that have taken attention away from the charitable nature and mission of the event: fighting breast cancer in the area.

The 10th annual Dabo Swinney Ladies Clinic raised over $350,000 to help battle, detect, and raise awareness for breast cancer for South Carolinians, as a record crowd for the event of over 3,000 women helped give back to both the Greenville Health System and Oconee Memorial Hospital.

But a video of defensive lineman Christian Wilkins ripping his shirt off and dancing in proximity to a female in attendance, along with a picture of shirtless players competing in what was later identified as a bodybuilding competition, highlighting the strength and conditioning program for the football team, have drawn notice away from the efforts achieved, Swinney acknowledged Tuesday night.

The following is Dabo Swinney’s full comment in response to being asked about the dance:

“My reaction is, I can’t believe I’m at the Coaches for Charity event and that’s the first question I get. But, not surprised. I would say that it was an amazing event, unbelievable day. Really appreciate our wives and all the work they put in. Over 3,000 ladies showed up, and it was an unbelievable day. Raised a little over $400,000, we’re able to give $350,000 away and it’s a shame that that’s not the story. $250,000 to buy a new mobile mammography bus for St. Francis that will go in all the low income areas and give free mammograms. And $100,00 to Oconee. And somehow one way or another, that’s not the story. But you know what? That’s kind of the world we live in. Even when you do good and you try to do good, you get accused of doing bad. And that’s just the way it is. But you do good anyway.

So, that’s my comment on it. It was an amazing day, and it’s unfortunate that there was 15 seconds of the whole day that people focus on and really don’t really know the context.

It was a lot of fun. There was a “Dancing with the Tigers” segment, where they came up with their own skit or whatever, and it was really good. Clelin (Ferrell) danced with his mom, Austin (Bryant) did the “Swag Surfing”, and we had this shag. It was a great day. But a lot of fun. Again, people make their own story lines, and that’s the way it is.

It was an unbelievable event. Just really appreciate all the people who came out and supported, and helped make a difference.

And (guest speaker, ESPN reporter) Holly Rowe (who is currently battling her second bout with cancer) was amazing… just amazing. Her story, her presentation. And then we had well over 100 ladies that came down on the floor that are currently battling breast cancer and it was very powerful and uplifting. And hopefully a lot of people walked away from there gaining a lot of courage and strength from the day.

So, that’s what it was all about. And again, the next thing I’d say is I guess it’s time for football, because this is some very, very slow news that we’re talking about that.”

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