FEMA says be careful of Hurricane Florence rumors

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – During Hurricane Florence, FEMA wants to clear up some widespread rumors to help protect you and your family.

One of the main rumors claims that people in the Carolinas can buy a flood insurance policy now, which will cover the flood damage from Hurricane Florence.

FEMA officials say this claim is completely FALSE.

According to FEMA, it typically takes 30 days from the date an NFIP policy is purchased for it to go into effect.

They advise you learn more about the waiting period, why you should have flood insurance, and how to buy it.

Another rumor claims that all emergency shelters are required to accommodate pets for evacuees.

FEMA says this claim is also FALSE.

According to FEMA, service animals are not pets. The Americans with Disabilities Act generally requires hotels and evacuation shelters to accommodate service animals.

They also say private businesses, such as hotels, are not required to accept pets and not all shelters accept pets.

FEMA officials advise you to check local media, or contact your local emergency management agency for shelters that do allow pets.

Please go to fema.gov for more information and clarification on the rumors during Hurricane Florence.

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