Gift card scams to be aware of this holiday season

Columbia, SC (WOLO) —-Tis’ the season for giving, and according to the Department of Consumer Affairs, for some it’s also prime time for taking.

The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs is warning people of three common scams using
those popular re-fillable gift cards.

The first one you may encounter is the IRS scam. The scammers claim to be with the IRS collecting back taxes and threaten arrest when asking for immediate payment. The second is the utility scam where
the scammer threatens to cut off your power unless you pay your bill by gift card.

Finally,  there’s the lottery scam. Officials say in this scam the claims you have won a prize but  in order for you to get it you must first use a gift card to pay fees or other charges.

If you happen to get one of these calls, officials say, just hang up.

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