Inclement Weather Center house Midlands homeless as temperatures drops

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- With temperatures continuing to drop in the Midlands there is a growing need to house the hundreds of people who have no place to stay.

Homeless shelters are filling up fast

“Transitions is usually full every night this time of year,” Craig Currey, President and C.E.O of Transitions said. “We have 260 beds here that we are full at capacity.”

When temperatures drop below 40 degrees in the Midlands, Transitions partners with United Way and the Salvation Army to open up the Inclement Weather Center.

“For the inclement weather center, we can hold up to 240 beds there,” Currey said.

Currey says the center provides a safe space for the homeless to feel welcomed.

“You can get food, a warm place to be, hot showers are there,” Currey said. “It’s a place to get out of the cold. We want them to come in, feel welcome, and get warm.”

With more people seeking shelter this time of year, the group is in need of more volunteers.

“We have all kinds of different jobs,” Currey said. “From handing out soap and towels to greeting people when they come off the bus. We’re going to find something that is right for you.”It’s a great way to help out.”

If you’re in need of help or know someone who is, the city provides free rides to the shelter from 5:45p.m. until 7p.m. whenever the shelter is open.

“So when you see people on the street say hey, you can go to transitions, we’ll tell them how to get to the Inclement Weather Center,” Currey said. “They have a ride down there thats at the Queen of hearts building that’s right across from the transit station.”

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