Mars InSight Detects Weird Sound

NASA’s InSight has been on Mars now for about 2 and a half months. It spends its time measuring things to learn more about Mars. About 3 days ago, InSight heard something very strange. It was a sound well below what humans can hear. (Humans hear sound within a range, where ultrasonic sound waves – like dog whistles, are above what we can hear and infrasonic sound waves are below what we can here.) This infrasonic sound lasted roughly a minute and a half, but the question is what caused it? The folks from Cornell University planetary scientist Don Bandield has some ideas.

In his Forbes article on the subject, Dr. Marshall Shepherd writes, “Banfield speculates that the infrasound could have been caused by a meteor crashing into Mars’ atmosphere; some sort of airflow over an underlying stable local atmosphere; or maybe even a landslide. He has no idea about how the distance to the source of this infrasound, but he says the insight team may be able to determine that once they have done further analysis.”

Here’s a link to the entire article:

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