Lexington Police investigating string of car break-ins

LEXINGTON,SC (WOLO)- Lexington Police are advising residents to be aware when parking at local businesses after a string of car break-ins.

“If they can see the purse then they’re going to break the window and they’re going to grab it,” Cameron Moretenson with the Lexington Police Department said.

The thieves, hide in plain sight.

“We’re finding video where we see our thieves waiting in the parking lot watching people get out their vehicle and walk into a business,” Moretenson said.

Moretnson says the break-ins have happened at businesses close together. Over the weekend a car at Planet Fitness and JC Lexington Bowl were victimized. There were also break-ins at local school events.

“Thieves will take advantage of these places and they’ll either walk through those parking lots or they’ll back into a parking space,” Moretenson said.

Some people say they’re not worried about the rise in car break-ins.

“I generally don’t keep anything where someone can see it,” Donald Roper said. “I keep it in the trunk or I don’t carry it at all.”

However some victims leave their doors unlocked, other times it doesn’t matter, the thieves smash and grab when they see a valuable item in sight.

Officers say this crime could lead to identity theft.

“Often times when somebody steals a purse there’s checks, there’s credit and debit cards that are taken and we find these cards and checks are used throughout the Midlands and elsewhere,” Moretenson said.

Police want to make sure you’re not an easy target.

“It’s really important that you safe guard your property, put it in your trunk, take it with you, always make sure there is nothing that is visible from somebody just looking in a window,” Moretenson said.

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