NCAA Tournament expected to bring thousands of fans and millions in profits to Columbia

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- The NCAA tournament is expected to be the champion for revenue in the capitol city this weekend.

“It’s drawing in interest beyond the scope of just basketball fans,” Stephen Shapiro, USC Associate professor said.

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is bringing in sports fans from across the globe to the Columbia.

“The amount of exposure that you’re getting across the country,” Shapiro said. “All eyes being on these tournament games over a four day period of those first couple of rounds is really going to drive interest that we don’t see here as often.”

The tournament is expected to bring in millions of dollars in revenue.

The madness dribbling over into the hotel industry. Most of the hotels in downtown Columbia are already sold out for tournament weekend.

But entertainment will be on full display. Many resturants are having specials and using the tournament games as a way to roll out new menu options.

“When we heard they were coming here, it was game over,” Samantha Raiff, Tin Roof Assistant General Manager said.

Tin Roof is planning a four day outdoor and indoor party starting Thursday. Even hosting one of the schools coming to Columbia.

“We bought all these screens, we’re getting a huge tent, we’re being sponsored by Bacardi, Bud light, and Cazadores,” Raiff said.

The Soda City can expect tens of thousands of people to make their way through.

“We’re planning on setting records this weekend,” Raiff said.

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