“An Angel in Disguise”: Hundreds celebrate Raniya Wright’s life

Wright passed away Wednesday after a fight in school two days earlier

WALTERBORO, S.C. (WOLO) — When people think of Raniya Wright, the first thing some say comes to mind was her radiant smile and passion for life.

“Raniya was always a pleasant, fun child to be around and sometimes you talk to children and they’re saying things that you’d never expect them to say, and she was good like that. She was really in touch with who she was,” said Iris Williams Finley, who went to church with Raniya and her family.

Raniya passed away Wednesday after a fight at Forest Hills Elementary School two days earlier.

“I could only imagine what this mother is feeling today, and my heart bleeds for them,” said Agnes Lambert, who is related to Raniya grandmother.

As hundreds filed into Saints Center Ministries to celebrate her life, some say even though she’s gone, Raniya’s compassion for others will live on in Walterboro.

“Stuff like this will bring the community together and I truly hope that it will bring them together for the better,” Lambert said.

Several students who attended the service wore t-shirts showing Raniya’s face.

Seeing them support their fallen classmate gives them hope for the community’s future.

“This is going to unify and rebuild the community even stronger than it was before, and we will have a significant part of our hearts connected more. Hopefully we will be able to do things together more,” Williams Finley said.

Some students from Forest Hills Elementary School got excused absences from school in order to attend the service.

The cause of Raniya’s death is still under investigation.

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