Rep. Jim Clyburn’s Fish Fry brings 2020 election fever to Columbia

Some voters say the event helps them narrow down who they want to vote for in the primary

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) — Hundreds waited for hours not only to get their hands on some fresh fried fish, but some say they also wanted to get a better idea of who they want to rally behind in February’s primary.

As part of Rep. Jim Clyburn’s (D-SC) annual “World Famous Fish Fry”, most of the 24 candidates made an appearance to have some fish and get to know some of the voters.

Some said with so many options to pick from, it is difficult to single out one candidate they want to vote for.

“We’re excited about the field. I think the field is terrific. I think there’s a lot of talent, I think it represents America, and who we are,” said Jim Sheehan, who came down from Rock Hill to attend the Fish Fry with his wife, Georgette. 

As candidates stopped by to get some fish, some of their supporters were trying to cast their nets to reel in some new votes. Groups for several candidates hung up posters, pitched tents, and talked with prospective voters about why their choice matters.

Even for those still on the fence, some say they want a unifying force to make a difference in the Oval Office.

“I want somebody that wants to invoke change, somebody that will lead this country in the right direction,” said Maurice Davenport of Columbia.

Governor Henry McMaster (R-SC) said events like the Fish Fry show why support in South Carolina is crucial for any candidate on both sides of the aisle.

“I say welcome to South Carolina, this is probably one of the most interested electorates and we hope they will come back and show up as we look forward to Mr. Trump coming as well,” Gov. McMaster said.

Regardless of who remains once the dust settles, most people say they will get behind whomever takes the nomination.

More candidates will be in town Saturday as the state’s Democratic Convention starts at 9am at the South Carolina Convention Center.

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