Three suspects in armed robbery denied bond, dascham video released

The three men face charges of armed robbery, attempted murder, and kidnapping

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. (WOLO) — One day after three men shot at Richland County deputies following a bank robbery, Sheriff Leon Lott released the dash cam video and announced what charges the suspects are facing.

The dash cam video shows the three men exiting a vehicle and firing shots at deputies upon stopping them in the Heather Green neighborhood near Blythewood.

Upon their arrests Thursday, Sheriff Lott announced that the men each face a count of armed robbery, and two counts of kidnapping. Devin Mincey, 26, faces three counts of attempted murder, while Devanta Boyd, 26, and Daniel Williams, 19, face two counts of attempted murder.

“We got to stop feeling sorry for some of these people, but that’s where they need to be, and that’s in prison, and keep them there. If we don’t we’re not going to be so lucky next time when they’re out here shooting at deputies and police officers, and then we’ll be standing here talking about how we lost a deputy sheriff,” said Sheriff Lott.

Sheriff Lott praised his deputies for their swift action in the line of fire while pursuing the three suspects after a bank robbery Thursday.

As his team continues to investigate, Sheriff Lott says the suspects might have committed other crimes.

“One of these guns we’ve already traced down. It was stolen out of Lexington County in a home invasion where the homeowner was shot and the gun was stolen. So these are not first-timers, these are not people who are starting with robbing a bank, they’ve been out here doing other stuff,” Sheriff Lott said.

Sheriff Lott says Boyd spent six years in prison for armed robbery. He says all of the suspects should stay behind bars in order to keep the community safe.

“These are the hoodlums out here who do not care about anybody’s life, do not care what they do. The only way we are going to protect this community is if we put these people in prison and they stay there,” Sheriff Lott said.

The three suspects appeared in bond court Friday afternoon. The judge has denied bond for all three of them. 

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