For the Health of It: A new model: 1 price as much doctor as you need

Tyler Ryan learns about Direct Primary Care and the impact on your families bottom line

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO)-Health care prices continue to rise, leaving many people making hard decisions and sometimes gambling with their health.  A new model, however, is emerging, offering an alternative to the standard practice of a doctor practice.

According to Balance Medical Day Spa’s Dr. Tony Chauhan, the average general practice doctor, who accepts standard insurance, Medicaid and Medicare can carry as many as 2400 patients on their books.  The large number leads to many of the frustrations that patients experience, even with the simplest of medical issues.  Dr. Chauhan points out that it is not common to wait several weeks before a patient can get an appointment, leading to a long time waiting in the room that bears its name.  After the appointment wait, followed by the check in, then the check of the vitals, it is another wait in a cold exam room, all for three minutes of the doctors time.

Then adding insult to injury…or sickness as it were…are the co-pays, deductibles, and other financial burdens put on patients.

Dr. Chahaun says that with the development of Direct Primary Care programs, patients pay one low monthly fee, and like a gym membership, give a patient virtually unlimited access to their doctor.  Imagine having thirty minutes to discuss your medical issues with your medical professional, access to tele-med services, where issues can be handled without even having to drive to the office, and the ability to text a doctor that knows you and your medical history with questions.

Depending on the doctor and the program, some offer free annual EKGs, blood workups, and even heavily discounted costs on labs and other out-sourced services.

Dr. Chahaun says that direct primary programs do not replace regular health insurance that may be offered by employers, but it allows an insured to set their delectable at that highest amount, to cover catastrophic events, and the membership costs for the DPC program can be taken from a standard HSA.

You can learn more about the Direct Primary Care Program HERE.

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