Midlands daddy-daughter duo become viral dancing sensations

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)-It can be hard keeping  up with the latest dance moves, but a midlands father and his little girl are doing just that and catching the attention of millions across the country.

Josh and Audrey Rinder have been showing America their moves since Audrey was 4-years-old.

“I’m just trying to set the bar really high for these other little boys that may come into her life later,” Josh said. “If it takes me wearing crazy pants and dancing with her, that’s what it takes. I’m just trying to set the bar high.”

The daddy and daughter duo easily two stepped their way to more than 35 million views.
Getting the attention from celerities like, Meghan Trainor, Ashton Kutcher, and Justin Timberlake.

“He retweeted our video and called me the greatest dad,” Josh said. “That was a pretty great compliment I’ll take that from him anytime.”

Although the dynamic duo keeps getting attention from people across the country there, are some haters.

“A lot of them critique my dancing which is cool, I’m cool with that,” Josh said. “I like being a dad awkward dancer so.”

Dancing queen Audrey makes up the moves, and has dreams of being a dance teacher herself.

For now, they hope the daddy daughter challenge can be an example.

“To dance or do whatever with your kids, and spend time with them,” Josh said.

Click here to watch there videos.

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