New voting machines in Richland County to leave paper trail and less room for error

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- The Richland County Elections and Voter Registration office let voters test out new machines.

Voting in Richland County has had it’s history of problems. In 2018, 1,000 votes went unaccounted for. Election officials blamed the machines.

“Just old and outdated equipment so it was time for us to go with something different and new,” Interim director of elections and registration,Terry Graham Sr. said.

Now, a year later, thanks to $53 million Richland county is getting 1,126 new voting machines.

All votes will be cast electronically and on paper.

“It stores the data to a flash card and we take that data on election night to tally those votes,” Graham said.

Election officials say this new system should leave little to no room for error.

“I’ve got great confidence in the staff that we have at the office,” Graham said. “I feel as though with them and myself that we will try to bring back trust, integrity and honesty back to the election process in Richland county.”

The municipal election on November 5th will be the first time the new voting machines will be used.

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