Recalled gun holster could unintentionally switch safety switch from ‘off’ to ‘on’ position

Image: Product Consumer Safety Commission

Image:Product Consumer Safety Commission

Columbia, SC (WOLO)— According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and Vista Outdoor a recall notice has been for the company’s Blackhawk T-Series L2C gun holsters . Officials say it was discovered that the design has the potential  to move the safety switch thatbis suppose to keep the gun from firing to the “on” position  without the user being aware. The company say this potential default can cause the gun to unknowingly shoot, instead of the intended purpose of keeping the gun safe and secure.

The recalled holster is specifically designed to be used with Sig Sauer P320/P250, which is the civilian version of that firearm. The gun manufacturer also made one similar the military version, known as the M17/M18, that is also available to consumers. After further review of the holster’s design gunmakers determined it could “interfere with the mechanical fire safety switch of the M17/M18″and decided to recall it as a precautionary measure.

You will know if this is the holster in question by the identifier “2101213A” which can be found printed on the outside of the holster.

No injuries have been reported, still owners of the said holster are urged to stop using it immediately.

The Blackhawk T-Series L2C gun holsters which were sold between June and August of this year. You can reach out to Blackhawk by phone to request a full refund, or visit the recalls page on Blackhawk’s website for more details.

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