New ADA compliant playground opens in West Columbia

There's a new playground in West Columbia that will allow all children the chance to play.

West Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) — There’s a new playground in West Columbia that will allow all children the chance to play.

A ribbon cutting was held Monday at Carraway Park at the Riverwalk, which is an ADA compliant park.

“This community is a caring, loving community. It wants to provide services and facilities to everyone that lives here, and not only those that live here, but those that come over here,” said Democratic Sen. Nikki Setzler, who represents District 26.

All children can now play together at the park. The new playground is accessible to children who may have disabilities.

“Well it’s absolutely okay to be different. We’re all different, none of us are alike and some of us have different abilities from one another. And that’s the thing we want to celebrate about children,” said Dr. Bill James, Superintendent for Lexington School District 2.

“It also shows a commitment to all the people of this community and to the Midlands in South Carolina, where children of all abilities can play and learn and grow together,” said Setzler.

Families with several children, some who may be disabled and some who may not be, can spend time together.

“What matters is that everybody can come and play here. Everybody can enjoy one another.  And no longer do families that have some children with mobility challenges and some children without, having to go to different places. Everybody can come here,” said Republican Rep. Micah Caskey, who represents District 86. 

It took 13 months to construct the park, which gives all children a place to socialize and play.

“The fact that we’re able to bring everybody here and come together as a group, and have the socialization skills, and this park gives children that ability every day of the week,” said James.

The ADA compliant playground is located at 212 Hudson Street.

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