WATCH: Dabo fires back at Todd Ellis over ‘Walk of Champions’ comments

Dabo Swinney didn’t take too kindly to Todd Ellis’ words about Clemson’s pregame tradition.

On Will Muschamp’s call-in show last week, the play-by-play announcer, while talking about USC fans throwing objects on to the field, said, “The Tigers put us in a tough position as well. One of the things that they do, and God bless them what they want to do in pregame they do, is grasp those arms and they walk from midfield towards our student section. Maybe that is something they could modify if they felt like it was provoking them in some way.”

Dabo responded Tuesday.

“It’s not any type of taunting,” said Swinney. “It’s a unity thing for our team. It’s something we do every single game. If it was something we just did on the road, I could see that. … You can yell and scream and holler and all that’s part of it. But when you start throwing things, it’s all fun and games until somebody gets their eye knocked out.”

In all fairness, Ellis went on to clarify his comments, saying USC has a responsibility not to throw things onto the field.

“Can’t throw towels. Can’t throw water bottles. We all want to act with class. There is no doubt about it. It’s a tough situation. It’s an emotional thing. That’s not the first place you and I (Muschamp) have been to that’s happened by the way. It happens at a lot of venues.”

The Gamecocks host #3 Clemson Saturday at noon.


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