SCHP calls for drivers to stay sober behind the wheel on New Year’s Eve

Troopers will have a greater presence on roads across the state

LEXINGTON, S.C. (WOLO) —New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating, but it is also one of the deadliest nights to get behind the wheel.

A recent study found that South Carolina is the third most dangerous state for drivers on New Year’s Eve.

For Kimberly Cockrell of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the morning following New Year’s Eve could be one of the toughest days.

“We all want to be here come 2020. We all want to be here safely. I do not want to be coming to visit the victims tomorrow who are on ventilators down at the hospital or at some funeral home tomorrow making plans because somebody else chose not to do the right thing,” Cockrell said.

A recent study from the law firm Cannon and Dunphy S.C. found that South Carolina is the third deadliest state when it comes to accidents on December 31 and January 1.

If drivers do plan on getting behind the wheel on New Year’s Eve, you will probably come across some police along the road.

“If you’re going to go and celebrate tonight or even throughout the week and into the weekend, the South Carolina Highway Patrol is going to be in full force, and if you make that poor decision to drink and drive, go ahead and have your bail money ready because I can promise you we’re going to be prepared to take you to jail,” said Trooper David Jones of the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Those picking up people through Uber or Lyft are also calling on people to make the right choices.

“Make sure that we’re safe as drivers, make sure we’re not drinking and driving, smoking or doing anything stupid behind the wheel because that’s their life, their life is in our hands,” said Jordan Wynn, a Lyft driver.

At the end of the day, Cockrell says one bad decision could affect several lives.

“Children, wives, husbands, best friends, sisters, aunts, uncles, people who were literally doing the right thing and their lives were taken or greatly impacted by someone who wasn’t. Do not be that person. Do the right thing,” Cockrell said.

If you are planning to go downtown for New Year’s tonight, you could hop on the COMET for a free ride to various locations across the city after 8 pm, or you could catch an Alert Cab on the corner of Lady and Sumter Street. 

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