What some black voters in SC say they’re looking for in a presidential candidate

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- Democratic presidential candidates have been flocking to the palmetto state hoping to get the support of black voters, who play a crucial role in who will get the parties nomination during the “First of The South” primaries.

“We’re looking for someone who understands that race, gender, and class intersect in all the issues that we face in this country,” voter, Leslie Mac said.
Right now polls show former Vice President Joe Biden leading among black voters in the state followed by Bernie Sanders.
However, some voters in Columbia who say they’re looking for a candidate whose views line up best with theirs.
“You’ve got a few candidates like Mr.Steyer, who is talking about climate and the environment, which is great, but what about African Americans getting killed by the police,” voter, Steven Larkin said.
“Medicare for all, making sure that we have healthcare that people can afford, child care is a big concern for folks, and education. Including student loan debt,” Mac said.
“I have a twin brother so I know that whenever I go to college it will be a little harder for us financially,” first time voter, Jasmine Alexander-Coleman said. “I know that there may be a possibility that we may come out in debt. So somebody who helps with the debt.”
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