Renewable Energy Keeps Growing

Professor Mark Jacobson from Stanford University reports that electricity generation came from more than 50% renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.) in 9 states and D.C. in October 2019. The list of what percentage of electricity was generated using renewable sources is listed here:

VT-100%,  ME-80%,  ID-79%,  DC-71%,  SD-70%,  AZ-63%,  WA-63%,   IA-59%,   KS-58%,  OR-54%,  OK-45%,  CA-44%,   MT-43%,  ND-42%,  MN-33%,  NE-30%,  NV-29%,  NY-27%,  CO-25%,  NM-25%,  TX-21%, 

The United States as a whole generated 16.4% of its electricity in October using renewable sources (wind, solar, etc.)  

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