“We can’t wait to see you again”: Father of missing 10-year-old hoping for safe return

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WOLO)- A 10-year-old is still missing in Richland County after not returning to her father in early February.

Just 10 days after getting full custody of his daughter, Mansoor Watson brought her to The South of The Border in Dillon to meet her mom, 41-year-old Tynesha Brooks.

Amirah was supposed to be staying with Brooks in Richland County for the weekend, but on February 2nd when Brooks was supposed to drop her back off she never showed.

“I sent out multiple text messages,multiple phone calls, I waited an hour,” Mansoor said.

He called deputies who eventually put out a warrant for Brooks arrest.

I haven’t received a text message saying that she’s ok,” Mansoor said.

Since the January 31st, Mansoor hasn’t heard from Amirah or her mother. Mansoor says the hardest part is not knowing.

“To have a warrant for your arrest and your daughter on a missing persons list you’re just out there,” Mansoor said.

Mansoor says his daughter is on medication, and has been missing school.  He gushed over her love for music and being with her sister.

“She can really dance,” Mansoor said. “This is her battle buddy right here. They do everything together.”

Mansoor said what he wants now more than ever is his baby girl back home safe.

“We can’t wait to see you again to hold you,” Mansoor said. “We’re here.”

Deputies say they are continuing to investigate the mother and daughter’s disappearance.

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