Midlands organization gets more SC swing voters to polls ahead of primary

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)- With the First in The South Primaries right around the corner, a local non-profit organization is reaching out to swing voters in hopes to improve voter turnout.

The Welcome Party have been reaching out to voters ahead of the primary election in the Palmetto State.

“We’re not trying to push anyone towards one candidate more than the other,” State director Brennan Spencer said. “The education that we are providing them is, do you happen to know your polling location?”

They have been reaching out to independent voters, and from their research, these are the people who are left behind.

“We surveyed independent democratic and republican voters in the state and found that less than 1 in 4 of them have been reached out to by any campaign,” Co-chair Lauren Harper said. “A lot of independent voters who are the essential voters in our state, the ‘Swing voters’ are not being engaged right now.”

They’re hoping that their work can lead to a higher voter turnout come November.

“If we engage with independent voters during the primary, the more likely that they themselves will buy into whoever the nominee is,” Spencer said.

“A lot of millennials are independents,” Harper said. “They’re not finding their place in the Democratic or the Republican Party. We want to make sure that they know their voice really does matter.”

A recent poll by The Welcome Party shows Democratic Presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are tied for first place in South Carolina with 23% of support. Tom Steyer comes in third at 20% followed by Pete Buttigieg.

Your chance to vote in the South Carolina primary is one Saturday February 29th.

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