The power of digital campaigning in the 2020 race

wasn’t a shortage of cell phones in hands at Coastal Carolina University, and some political candidates are using this to their advantage.

The Bernie Sanders campaign sent a text to voters asking them to donate ahead of the Nevada primary.

Some CCU students said a text message alone will not change their minds at the ballot box.

“If I don’t really know you, and you just text me for support, I’m not going to support that,” Coastal Carolina student Xavier Gentles said. “If I see you on TV and see how you handle things under pressure, that’s going to influence my decision.”

“We’re not going to probably change someone’s vote or maybe even mobilize them to vote based solely on a text message,” Kurlowski said.

However, Kurlowski also said that the text campaigns are more cost effective for campaigns.

“I think it’s clear that the heaviest investment has been made by Tom Steyer who has spent more money than any other candidate and who has created a pretty stout ground game,” he said.

Multiple campaigns were contacted to see what their thoughts were on campaigning via text message.

The Sanders campaign responded and said that this method has worked for them. They also said more than 30,000 doors were knocked on Saturday.

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