USC students raising $75K for Wendy’s employee who lost home in fire

COLUMBIA,SC (WOLO)-A group of USC  students are helping raise money for a Wendy’s employee who lost everything in a house fire.

The fundraiser, Mission:Malcolm, was created to support beloved Wendy’s employee Malcolm Coleman. Coleman works at the restaurant across frm USC’s business school.

“He is known for being super upbeat, always wants to talk to everybody, and knows their order the second they walk through the door,” USC student Kirstyn Mayer said. “Just one of those really commanding presences.”

Coleman’s world was turned upside down when the house he shared with his mother went up in flames on his birthday in January 2019. Unable to pay for repairs, they had to stay with family.

One day, USC student Robert Caldaroni went to the Wendy’s where Coleman works, got word of what happened, and decided to help.

“Malcolm just seemed really down, really quiet, so Rob asked him how he was doing and he just said I’m OK, Mayer said. “So we pressed him more for that because that is very out of the blue answer for him.”

And that’s when Caldaroni had the idea to create a GoFundMe to help put a smile back on his face.

“And ever since then it started hitting news media, being posted online, and I started a Facebook page to keep track of it and invited as many people as I could from my network to like it,” Mayer said.

Their goal is $75,000 to help cover repairs to the home. Since February they’ve raised more than $30,000.

“To see so many people rallying behind him and standing up for him, he said he feels super emotional for being praised for the person that he is,” Mayers said. “And seeing how many people can defend him when he’s at a rough spot.”

If you are unable to donate they’re asking that you share the post on social media.

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