SC Governor: new Executive Order allows Law Enforcement to disperse groups of 3 or more

If a Law enforcement official determines, in their discretion, that any such gathering could pose, a threat to public health

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– In an Executive Order on Monday, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is now urging South Carolinians to avoid gatherings of three or more people in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

In a series of tweets, the Governor went on to clarify the order in further detail.


“This weekend, we saw large crowds gathered on beaches, on sandbars, and in parking lots. We are facing a dangerous and deadly enemy and this type of behavior is both irresponsible and selfish.”

“I have included it in an executive order to make it clear that law enforcement has the ability to disperse groups of people who pose a risk to the public’s safety and to the safety of others.”

“And as I said, this is not a shelter-in-place order but another measure aimed at containing the virus by controlling crowds, so that we do not have to shelter in place”

Per the Governor’s order, it reads in part :

“I hereby authorize, order, and direct any and all law enforcement officers of the
State, or any political subdivision thereof, in accordance with section 16-7-10 of the South
Carolina Code of Laws and other applicable law, to prohibit or disperse any congregation or
gathering of people, unless authorized or in their homes, in groups of three (3) or more people, if
any such law enforcement official determines, in their discretion, that any such congregation or
gathering of people poses, or could pose, a threat to public health.”

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