#WeWantToPlay: Dabo Swinney, Trevor Lawrence, and Darien Rencher speak about Clemson’s push to play in 2020

CLEMSON, S.C. — What started as a simple hashtag quickly grew into a movement that swept over the entire nation on social media.

Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and Darien Rencher saw the reports swirling around Sunday night over the potential suspension of the fall football season. Rather than sit and watch their fates be decided for them, they decided to act.

What followed was a series of FaceTime calls that ultimately led to a big Zoom teleconference with players from all five major college athletics conferences. The goal: to unite the players in the common goal of wanting to play football in 2020.

Then the players took to social media under the hashtag #WeWantToPlay to let the nation know how important it was that college athletes take the field this fall.

Some of college football’s most notable players took to Twitter to express their desires and demands for a safe and healthy fall season. Those demands include universal health and safety protocols across the NCAA, the opportunity for players to opt-out while still maintaining their scholarships and eligibility, and — more importantly — the eventual creation of a college football player’s association.

Tonight Lawrence and Rencher, along with head coach Dabo Swinney, spoke with the media to further detail what changes they want to see in the college football landscape in 2020.

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