Mayor of Irmo says ‘this virus is no joke’ after testing positive for COVID-19

Mayor of Irmo says he and his wife will remain in quarantine for the next week
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Image: Town of Irmo

Columbia,SC (WOLO) — The Mayor of the town of Irmo announces that he and his wife have tested positive for coronavirus.

Friday night, Mayor Barry Walker told ABC Columbia News that while he has been vigilant about wearing a mask when he’s out in public and has even encouraged others to do the same, he recently received test results back showing that he, and his wife Susan contracted COVID-19.

Walker who has been Mayor of the town of Irmo since 2019 , but a member of the town council since 2004, has been open about being a kidney patient which requires him to undergo weekly dialysis, a health concern he says compromises his immune system.
While Walker says he and his wife are expected to make a full recovery, he admits the symptoms they have had to deal with have been difficult including a severe lack of energy, and a loss of their taste and smell.Walker asking people to heed warnings about COVID-19 and follow CDC and medical professionals advice to protect yourself and others by wearing masks in public, social distancing, and washing and sanitizing your hands saying, ‘Please understand this virus is NO JOKE’.
Walker and his wife say they will continue to quarantine and isolate for the next week.
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