NAACP wants Pawleys Island Mayor ousted over ‘insensitive ‘FB post

NAACP: 'If he doesn't resign i'm sure his life can be made miserable '

Members of the Georgetown NAACP branch renewed their calls for Pawleys Island Mayor Brian Henry to resign Thursday, continuing a battle that began after Henry uploaded an insensitive post to his personal Facebook page last month.

Mayor Henry called for us to rise up. So we’re rising up Mayor Henry,” Chapter President Marvin Neal said. “You gotta be careful what you say.”

The NAACP’s press conference was organized days after Henry and the members met. During the meeting, NAACP members said Henry apologized for his words again and reiterated his promise to fund programs and events that would help bring people together, but refused to step down from his position.

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The members said that it wasn’t enough.

If you just say, ‘I’m sorry,’ there’s no accountability,” Steve Williams told the audience. “If we just say, ‘I’m sorry,’ that means next week and next month somebody else is going to come back and say something just as racist.”

The members did not hold back when asked about some community members’ concerns that their efforts were hurting employees of Henry’s companies, some of whom are Black. Neal said Henry’s positions as mayor and leader of his companies were a package deal, and Henry could resolve those concerns with his resignation.

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If he doesn’t decide to resign, I’m sure his life can be made miserable,” South Carolina NAACP Conference President Brenda Murphy said.

Four community members spoke about the ongoing controversy. All of them believed his post went too far, but only one said Henry should step down, especially in light of the NAACP’s calls for additional action.

Chapter members said they would hold a march through town on Oct. 10, and invited community members to join them. They said the march would begin at 1 p.m. at Town Hall.

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We’re going to stir up some good trouble,” Neal said. “Real good trouble. Right here. We’re coming back to visit him again very very soon.”

Mayor Henry was contacted for a response to their statements but did not respond. You can read about his previous apology and plans for the future here.

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