Attorney for student tased at Airport High School calls for second look at SRO Programs

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)-This was the scene at Airport High School Wednesday, when his attorney says 16 year old Treyvon Hampton stepped into a fight to allegedly help defend his friend. 

Treyvon’s Attorney, Justin Bamberg said “there were rumors that one of Treyvon’s friends was going to get jumped after school. One thing led to another and an altercation began. This was a run of the mill school yard fight between kids.”

That’s when Representative Bamberg says a school resource officer tased Treyvon to the ground. 

“Doesn’t grab him, doesn’t grab him by the arm, doesn’t bear hug him, doesn’t say Treyvon calm down. He pulls out his department issued 50k volt taser and tases this child,” says Bamberg.

Treyvon: “I couldn’t feel my fingers. I don’t wish that pain on nobody. It’s painful. I promise you.”

Now Treyvon’s mother and Bamberg are asking the question…what do we want out of our school resource officers? 

“If you are a school resource officer, the first two words of your title is school resource. Be a resource to these children. Be a resource to these students. You’re not there just to be the muscle.

Lashauna Randolph, Treyvon’s mother said, “parents please, let us get together and read the policy of the schools, because I mean this is a phone call I would never want another parent to get.”

In a statement sent to ABC Columbia , the Cayce Department of Public Safety says”we have determined that the use of force by the school resource officer (sro) was both reasonable and necessary after numerous attempts to verbally and physically deescalate the altercation between the students were ignored.”

Meanwhile, Lexington School District Two released their statement saying in part “the district takes seriously the safety of its students. To that end, the district is cooperating with local law enforcement officials and conducting its own investigation into these events.”

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