Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott in quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott is in quarantine. He tested positive for Covid-19 today.

ABC Columbia’s Lindsey Goodwin spoke with Sheriff Lott and has the latest on how he’s feeling.

Sheriff Leon Lott, Richland County says, “I feel fine, feel like i can get up and go to the gym right now.”

Sheriff Lott says he has minor symptoms…and has been in quarantine since last week when he believes his daughter got sick after a basketball game. 

“My daughter is sick. She actually has it pretty bad. She has body aches and a bad headache so she’s got moderate symptoms. I don’t have anything, little scratchy throat, but no body aches, no headaches, no fever.”

He says his positive test comes after he first tested negative on Friday. 

“It may come up and the first test will be negative, and then like myself, 5 days later, get re-tested and i’m positive.  So it is worth getting that second test, and just verifying. You do not want to go out and infect other people.”

This after South Carolina received their first doses of the vaccine…but according to South Carolina’s Covid-19 vaccine plan, police officers on the front lines, aren’t included in phase 1 of the distribution. 

Sheriff Lott says, “hopefully it’ll be soon. We weren’t in that first phase, and I understand that, but we do have to work in close contact with people, and not all the time can we wear masks. We have to be up close and personal with people, so hopefully we can get the vaccination real soon and it’ll be very effective.”

In the meantime, Sheriff Lott says his work goes on…

“I can still do my job. We have plenty of deputies out there working hard. My quarantine ends on Christmas day, so that’s gonna be my Christmas present on the 25th. I’ll be able to spend it with my family.”

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