Palmetto state pride at Presidential Inauguration

COLUMBIA (WOLO): A historic day. “I think today’s ceremony is an indication of the fact that we are now ready to renew ourselves as a country and move forward,” said South Carolina Congressman James Clyburn. 

Some of the first on the ground for Wednesday’s Presidential Inauguration, our South Carolina National Guardsman, there to show support and security in Washington D.C.

And banded together on the green Tuesday, the Marching 101 Band of South Carolina State University.

The historic day commemorated by South Carolina representative James Clyburn, who attended the inauguration proudly wearing his SC State University cap, which he credits to his daughter. “She said to me ‘I think that cap is a better cap for you to wear with that tie, and it’s probably the best thing I’ve done all day, and so I wore that cap today as a testament to what South Carolina state means to our state,” said Clyburn.

South Carolina voted red in November’s election, but Clyburn says he’s confident President Biden will unite the country and our state. Clyburn says,”real leaders lead by example, not just precept, but example, and Joe and I have talked about this. Throughout the whole campaign, he said ‘this campaign is about restoring the soul of america,’ and I said to him, ‘you can’t just say it, you’ve got to demonstrate it,’ and he’s gonna do that.”

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