Consumer News: Valentine’s Day dates with Lowe’s, new Black Panther series and more!

CNN– Paint brushes and garden supplies may not be your idea of Valentine’s Day, but Lowe’s is inviting you to spend your Valentine’s Day home improving. Lowe’s is hosting “a Night of Lowemance.” Couples in ten cities can enter to win a Valentine’s Day evening of painting. The closest city to us is Savannah, Georgia. If you don’t live in the select areas, Lowe’s says you can attend a virtual cooking class with your Valentine.

Chick-Fil-A hopes your love language is chicken. Chick-Fil-A is offering to package select menu items in heart-shaped trays to celebrates Valentine’s Day. You can select chicken minis, nuggets, cookies or brownies. The trays will be available at participating restaurants through Saturday, February 13.

If you’re looking for some new shows to watch, get ready Black Panther fans. Disney Plus has a new a series set in Wakanda, in the works. Wakanda is the fictional African nation setting for Marvel’s Black Panther. It’s part of deal with Ryan Coogler, who co-wrote and directed Black Panther. Right now, Coogler is working on a sequel to the Black Panther movie with 2022 release date.

Everyone thinks their pet is the best, and now you have a chance to prove it. Cadbury is searching for its next spokes-animal, and the search is open to any type of pet. To enter the contest, you’ll need to submit a photo and video. The winner will be featured in the new Cadbury bunny commercial and receive a cash prize. The deadline to enter is March 1.

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