Consumer News: Free wings from Hooters, Uber losses during the pandemic and more!

CNN– You could get 10 free wings from Hooters this Valentine’s Day, if you destroy a picture of your ex. Every year, Hooters has a “Shred Your Ex” event on Valentine’s Day, meaning you can bring in a picture of your ex and put it through their shredders. Then, you can get 10 free boneless wings when you buy any 10 wings. If you wanting to shred your ex from home, you can upload your picture to their website and choose to shred or even throw darts at a picture of your ex. This promotion is only good for dining in this Sunday, and not to-go orders. We reached out to both Hooters locations in Columbia and they said 75 people shredded pictures of their ex last year.

The United States Postal Service says their business is now profitable. Their financial reports for the first fiscal quarter shows $318 million in net income. For the same period a year ago, the postal service reported losses of $748 million. Officials says its due to holiday package volume. They delivered more than one billion packages during the pandemic holiday season.

One business that says they didn’t profit from the pandemic is Uber. The driving app reported losing nearly $7 billion in 2020. In 2019, they lost $8.5 billion. Uber has now shifted its focus to other ventures, like Uber Eats, which brought in almost $3 billion.

Target is offering an incentive beyond cash to encourage its workers to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The retail giant says it will give its more than 350,000 hourly employees up to four hours of pay to get vaccinated, which is two hours for each dose they receive. They’re also throwing in free Lyft rides of up to $15 each way to and from their vaccine appointments.

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