Consumer News: A cheaper Peloton, Six Flags reopening parks and more!

CNN– The Cherokee Nation is asking Jeep to stop using its tribe’s name on its SUV’s. Jeep has been selling its Cherokee brand model for about 47 years, and say it’s car names have been carefully chosen over the years to celebrate Native American people for their nobility, prowess and pride. The Cherokee Nation, however, says having their name on the side of a car does not honor them. Jeep said they are open to having a conversation with the tribe over this issue.

For the first time since the pandemic hit, the department store, Macy’s, reported a profit of $160 million during the 13 weeks ending January 30. That’s a decline of $340 million compared to the same time last year. While sales levels are still low, Macy’s beat Wall Street’s expectations.

Peloton is releasing a new treadmill, this May, that they say is a little less pricey. While it’s almost half the price of their original Tread+, their new Tread will still cost you nearly $2,500. The new machine is a little slimmer than the original treadmill, with a lower maximum incline and a smaller screen. Peloton officials say they want to become “a fitness brand” and hope this variation will be more accessible.

If you’re looking for a fun road trip, Six Flags theme park says it’s opening all 26 of its amusement and water parks this year. Six Flags Entertainment Corporation says it worked with epidemiologists to develop a safe reopening plan, including adding reservations to limit the number of people in its parks, as well as temperature checks for all workers and guests. We reached out to the park in Georgia, and they are opening March 6.

The Tooth Fairy seems to be getting more expensive. Delta Dental found that the Tooth Fairy shells out $4.70 dollars per tooth. That’s the most in the 23-year history of the original Tooth Fairy poll. The previous high was $4.66 in 2017.

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