Consumer News: Amazon tweaks app icon after complaints, Volvo wants to go all electric and more!

CNN– According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, the United States gets an overall grade of C- on infrastructure for 2021. The society represents civil engineers around the world and frequently advocates for increased investment in infrastructure. It has released its scorecard every four years since 1998. The C- is actually a slight improvement for America. The group says this is the first time the nation’s infrastructure has scored above the D range in two decades. The group evaluated the U.S. on 17 major categories, including aviation, roads, bridges, drinking water, energy and schools.

Amazon has changed an update to its app icon after some people noticed it could be considered offensive. The blue tape on the package has a jagged edge that looks like it was cut using the teeth of a tape dispenser. Some people, however, said it looked like Adolf Hitler’s mustache. Amazon tweaked it to give it a straight cut, with a corner pulled up to represent someone opening the package. Amazon updated the icon before it launched on iPhones in the U.S. last week.

Volvo is planning to be all electric by the end of the decade. The automaker says by 2030, it will no longer sell cars that run on fossil fuels, and all new electric vehicles will only be sold online. To transition into this new structure, Volvo wants 50% of its sales to be electric cars by 2025. The other 50% would be from hybrids.

A new app from Facebook aims to help you show off your rap skills. Facebook is launching a beta version of an app called “BARS.” people can use the app to share videos of themselves rapping and freestyling over background music provided by the app. Users can then compliment each other’s videos by selecting “Fire.” The app promises studio quality beats, vocals and effects. The beta version of “BARS” is available on a limited basis on Apple’s app store.

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