‘Ice Road Trucker’ shares struggles with unemployment process in SC

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Frustrations are mounting as South Carolinians express their concerns with ABC Columbia over the unemployment process in the state. ABC Columbia received many emails and phone calls from some of the more than 100 thousand people in the state who have been out of work as of December.

Ronald Mangum, or better known as ‘Pork Chop’ from the History channel’s ‘Ice Road Trucker,’ is back behind the wheel Wednesday for the first time since December.

He’s been laid off twice since April.  “I’ve been trying to get my money from the SC employment commission since January. They haven’t issued me any of my checks,” Mangum said. 

Mangum says he certifies his claim every Sunday.  He has pending resolutions on his account, but his calls for help go unanswered.

“They can’t give you answers. You can call and they’ll say their supervisors are gonna call you back in 72 hours, never a supervisor. Hang up the phone, call right back. No record of you ever calling.”

I reached out to the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce who says there’s a lot of moving parts to a claim. They took his claimant ID number and are looking into it. 

But Mangum says while he’s now no longer unemployed, he knows there’s many more South Carolinians trying to navigate the same system.

“If you hire me to do a job, then I’m accountable for my work and what about all these people trying to make bills, or single moms trying to feed their kids. If these people aren’t going to take accountability then maybe they need to see what they’re actually doing to some of these families in South Carolina.”

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