Local gun shop owner shares his concerns with Constitutional Carry Act, as it moves through the Senate

COLUMBIA (WOLO): The Constitutional Carry Act has made its way to the senate, after passing in the house last week. If passed by the senate, the bill would allow South Carolinians to openly carry a gun without a permit. 

For local gun shop, Amick’s guns, training is in session. But owner, and second amendment supporter, Brad Amick, says he still has some concerns with the bill. 

“We support it, and we support it with the proper training of course. We look at the number of gun owners that’s increased over the last handful of years. There is a need for training.”

Amick says he fears if this bill passes, first-time gun owners will overlook the training they need. 

“That’s the stance we’re taking, is not having training to carry, that’s fine, you can carry, but when to understand when to legally use it and not legally use it. There’s still other laws in the books that you need to be aware of as well, explains Amick. 

South Carolina State Senator Dick Harpootlian opposes the bill in its entirety. He says, “we need to assume that everyone out there is untrained. Why do these people need to carry a gun openly? Is that because they feel threatened? Is a zombie apocalypse coming? Is it the Walking Dead? What is it that they are so afraid of? And what I’d say is man up. You don’t need to carry a gun. Is that some sort of sexual inadequacy?

Representative and sponsor of the bill Bobby Cox says this bill will restore constitutional freedoms under the 2nd amendment and believes it would add an extra layer of protection for South Carolinians. 

“In the United States alone, last year alone, we saw over 20 million new guns being sold, 8 million brand new first time gun owners. There’s a great sense of wanting to protect themselves and their families. It’s a great way to prevent some of those crimes from occurring,” said Cox.

Rep. Cox says South Carolina is just one of five states that don’t have any type of open carry law. 

The senate can take this bill and the Open Carry with Training Act up this year. 

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