Protests in response to viral video leads to home of suspect being vandalized

Late Wednesday night RCSD had to asked citizens who did not live in the community to stay clear of the neighborhood

Richland Co., SC (WOLO) — The Richland County Sheriff’s Department says protests that have been ongoing for more than 24 hours turned violent Wednesday night in response to a video posted on Facebook Monday.

According to RCSD, around 9pm the family of the suspect had to be removed from the residence and taken to a alternate location after their home was vandalized.


Image: RCSD

Officials blocked off the Summit neighborhood to anyone besides those living in the area and asked citizens to stay clear of the community. RCSD released images where you can see a light fixture and at least one window were broken at the home, and something thrown on the families white garage door.


Image: RCSD


Image: RCSD

Crowds gathered around Wednesday afternoon in protest of the physical altercation that was recorded on cell phone video. The same video Sheriff Leon Lott tells ABC Columbia News is the evidence they used to arrested and charge the suspect now identified as 42 year old Jonathan Pentland with Third degree Assault & Battery.

The video shows a portion of the incident, where Pentland could be seen screaming at the young man, telling him to leave and that he ‘ was in the wrong neighborhood’ before he is seen shoving the victim who was standing on the sidewalk in the North East community.

Sheriff Lott held a press conference Wednesday evening speaking out to members of the community saying he wanted to make sure they knew law enforcement was taking the incident very seriously, and that ‘Richland County will not tolerate or condone’ this type of behavior, ‘we will not let people be bullied’ The went on to say, the first time he saw the video he thought, ‘it was terrible, it was unnecessary, it was a bad video.’ Adding ‘the young man, who is not being identified, was a victim in the incident’ Lott,  then calling Pentland the ‘aggressor’ who he says ‘has been dealt with accordingly.

Sheriff Lott says there have been questions about what lead up to the altercation but says regardless of what happened, it did not justify Pentland’s actions.

According to the Commanding General, Pentland is stationed at Fort Jackson where he is actively serving in the U.S. Army. The Associated Press has reported that according to social media accounts Pentland has been stationed at Fort Jackson since 2019 and has worked as a drill sergeant.

The commanding general of Fort Jackson has also been briefed by Sheriff Lott.

Wednesday he released that he posted on Twitter.


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