Record breaking tree seed planting event planned for Earth Day

The SC Floodwater Commission is holding a state-wide planing event, looking to put over 3 million seeds into the ground

COLUMBIA SC (WOLO) – Flooding is a systemic problem in the Palmetto State, impacting many areas, even with very little rain.  The thousand year flood notwithstanding, flooding, the runoff, and even erosion of our coastal areas is a large problem for the State.

In 2017, Governor Henry McMaster created the Floodwater Commission, and appointed the former Commanding General of the State Guard, Thomas Mullikin as Chairman.  The mission of the Commission is to study, educate, and provide solution based discussions on how to identify and mitigate of the damage done due to flooding specifically in the coastal and river-based communities.

Recognizing that one major part of flood mitigation is the presence of trees and strong root systems, in 2020, Mullikin and the Floodwater Commission planned a “Power Plant” event, with the mission of planting one million tree seeds all around the State on Earth Day.  In fact, according to the USDA Forest Service, 11,000 gallons of water and 133 pounds of carbon dioxide are sequestered annually from each mature tree.

The original Power Plant plan was pushed back, due to COVID, and refocused on Earth Day 2021, with an even loftier goal.  The plan for 2021, according to Mullikin is to put over three million trees into the ground of the Palmetto State.  Partners from across South Carolina, including law makers, county and city governments, state agencies, EMS, school systems, the Boy and Girl Scouts, colleges, power providers, and citizens of the state have all joined forces for what will be the largest single day seed planting event in the history of the United States.

Each of the State’s 46 counties are participating, in the effort, and several events are planned in support of Power Plant 2021, including a ceremonial seed- and tree-planting at the Governor’s Mansion the morning of Earth Day.
In addition to organizing and facilitating multiple, simultaneous seed-planting events, participants are encouraged to document and post on social media platforms using the hashtag #PowerPlantSC.
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