Memorial ceremony for fallen SCDOT employees

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Wednesday was a somber day outside the South Carolina Department of Transportation headquarters, as community and family members gathered to remember the dozens of employees fallen in the line of the duty.

89 names are now listed on the wall outside SCDOT, after 3 more were added Wednesday morning, including 2 employees killed in 2019 with Horry Maintenance, and a Lexington employee killed in 1974. 

 “It’s been a long time since we lost our uncle, but there’s a lot of people that’ve been killed in a similar manner since then,” said Danny Fallaw, the nephew of fallen SCDOT employee, Vernon

“Many of the employees on the wall behind us were killed simply by doing their job, by patching a pothole on the roadside and they were struck by a vehicle whether they were being inattentive or speeding, or just reckless driving,” explained SCDOT Secretary Christy Hall. 

It’s been 13 years since the Jones family lost their beloved husband and father, Stan Jones, on December 6th, 2007 on 1-26 in Springdale

His wife, Julia Jones, described the man her husband was. “He was a outgoing guy. He would take his shirt off his back for anyone regardless of the color of their skin, he was just that type of guy. He loved SCDOT. 21 years dedicated to SCDOT and his family.”

Jones says she’s grateful to SCDOT for remembering their fallen employees in a memorial service like this one. She attributes the death of her husband and others on the wall to careless drivers. 

“Take your time. Wherever you’re going, it’s gonna be there. Don’t risk taking someone else’s life. They have families too. Men and women, they out on the road every day making the roads safe for us, so just take the time out. Leave early enough to get to your destination because you don’t want the blood of somebody else’s hand and your hands.”

Secretary Hall says she hopes she never has to add another name to the wall again.

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