Sumter County deputies investigating two seperate drug trafficking cases after two traffic stops last month

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– The Sumter County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating two different drug trafficking cases following two traffic stops that occurred on the same day.

On the morning of April 28, deputies say they pulled over 23-year-old Rushuun Malik McGriff, of North Carolina, when he was driving without a valid license on I-95 North. Deputies say they learned of his invalid license the previous day. After gaining consent to search, deputies say they found a package addressed both to and from individuals other than McGriff. Investigators say this package contained about 642.3 grams of suspected pressed fentanyl pills, valued at an estimated $93,345. Investigators say they also found $4,440 in cash in the car’s passenger compartment.

Officials say McGriff has been charged with trafficking fentanyl and also received a traffic citation for operating a motor vehicle with an invalid license.

Later on the same day, deputies say they pulled over a vehicle for travelling too closely behind an 18-wheeler on I-95 South. Officials are not releasing the driver’s name as he has not been charged. According to authorities, he gave deputies permission to search his vehicle and told them that he had a bag of cash in the car, but he did not know how much it was. Authorities say he told them an unknown man in New York put the bag of money is car days before. Officials say the bag contained a total of $432,978.

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