Travel tips at CAE ahead of Memorial Day weekend

COLUMBIA (WOLO): South Carolinians are taking to the skies for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, after 14 long months of cabin fever. 

“Travel right now, I think it is. It’s time to get back to some what normal, but still within a safe limit of distance,” said traveler Samantha Polhamus. 

This month, Columbia Metropolitan Airport has screened about a thousand passengers a day, and this holiday weekend travelers can expect that number to rise. 

“It’ll be about 11 to 12 hundred over Memorial Day weekend and see that sustained a bit over the summer travel season,” said TSA Regional Spokesperson, Mark Howell.

If this is your first time traveling in the last year, you’ll notice a lot of changes here at the TSA checkpoint. You can now bring up to a 12 ounce bottle of liquid hand sanitizer, you’ll see social distancing, and masks are still required.

“If you’re vaccinated or not, you do need to have that face covering, that mask, up over your nose and mouth throughout the travel process, both at the ticketing counter, through security checkpoints, and on board the aircraft,” said Howell. 

Officials know time flies when you’re planning a trip they also want to remind passengers to take a second look at what’s not allowed on their carry-on, such as sharp objects or guns. Howell says they’ve seen an uptick in firearms at security checkpoints here at home and nationwide.

“We had a total of 11 guns back in 2019. That dipped down to 6 last year, but we also didn’t have very many people coming through security checkpoints. This year we’re already back up to 8, so it’s becoming an issue again. Whenever we have a prohibited item in a bag, it’s essentially like another person in front of you in line if you think about it, because we’re gonna always go through the option with the passenger to get rid of that and then we’re gonna put them through a re-screening.”

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