Consumer News: U.S. hits record number of job openings, Jeff Bezos says he is going to space and more!

CNN– The U.S. hit a record number of job openings, after 9.3 million new positions were added in April. That’s the highest overall number since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking the data in 2000, but millions of jobs were also left unfilled. In April, employers only hired about six million people.

One job that’s hiring is airlines. Southwest, American, United and Delta say they’re currently hiring and plan to do so until the end of the year. Most airlines were forced to cut staff during the pandemic, reporting they reduced jobs by 18%. While air traffic as a whole is still on the rise, leisure traffic is already approaching pre-pandemic levels.

Another way to hit the skies is outer space, and that’s just where Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos says he is going. Mary Moloney tells us the special person Bezos is taking onboard with him.

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