Woman reunites with good Samaritan after DUI crash in Columbia

COLUMBIA (WOLO): Earlier this month, a Columbia family’s world was flipped upside down by a drunk driver. 

Patricia Archie was driving home from work around 11:30 p.m. on June 6th when she was hit. She recalls the moment it happened. 

“As I proceeded to go, all of a sudden, it just was a crash, bam bam.”

It happened on Cushman Drive and Two Notch Road. Archie’s car was hit while she was driving through a green light. It flipped on its side leaving her in the hospital to this day with many broken bones and a collapsed lung. But it’s the actions of a stranger who she credits with saving her life.

“I just had to see him face to face because I owe him so much,” said Archie.

After three surgeries, including a hip replacement and a week in the trauma ICU, a Facebook post made by her daughter last week garnered more than 14-hundred shares, in hopes of finding the man who witnessed the accident and stayed on scene with her mom.

“I wanted to find the young man that saved my mother, that allowed me another day with my mother,” said Archie’s daughter, Aujenette Charles.

Within the hour, Jerome Coleman was found.  

“If that was my mother or my sister, anyone in my family, a relative, I would want someone on scene to make sure I feel comfortable. It just felt like the right thing to do. She was asking me not to go several times and I told her I’m not leaving her side. I’m not, I’m staying here until everything clears out. I’ll stay here until the tow trucks came, the ambulance came to take her, I stayed the whole time,” explained Coleman. 

“I’m just thinking she was out here upside down in a car by herself alone, but to know that he was right there by her side,” Charles said. 

Weeks after the accident, Archie is now able to speak again and tell the story of what happened, and she finally got the reunion with the man she calls her guardian angel. 

“Since that day, her whole mood and attitude has changed. She is literally back to the woman that we know. The silly, vibrant person, in spite of the fact that she is bed bound to this hospital bed,” explained Charles. 

“I wouldn’t say I’m a hero. No I’m not, at all. I’m just the right person at the right place at the right time,” says Coleman. 

Forest Acres Police Chief Gene Sealy say 39-year-old Joseph Allen Britt was arrested and charged with felony DUI. He has since been released on bond.

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