Charleston Co. students sent home for refusing to wear masks

More than a dozen students were sent home, more than adozen parents protesting the action

(CNN) Charleston Co., SC —Some Charleston County students are now learning from home after not wearing a mask at school. Reporter Rob Way spoke with the School Board Chair about the new policy being enforced and tells us masks may be required longer than first planned.

According to school officials, Thursday 15 students refused to comply with mask mandate put in place at the school requiring facial coverings. Those students were sent home where they will now take their classes remotely. The school administration says from now until at least October 15, 2021 students who refuse to wear their mask will face the same fate, as officials say no more warnings will be given. More than a dozen parents who protested the move say facial coverings “should be a choice, not a mandate”.

Rob Way has more.


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