Pilot taken to hospital after crashing on runway at Owens Field Airport

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Authorities are investigation after a small plane crashed on the runway at Owens Field Airport Thursday. Around 11:30 a.m., first responders received the emergency call and arrived on scene. 

The pilot was the only one involved in the crash, and he has since been transported to the hospital. We do not have word on his condition at this time. 

While the incident occurred at the airport, it certainly scared the neighbors at the nearby apartment complex.

“We’re right next to the airport so we hear them come in all the time. Jets and everything you can hear real loud all the time,” said Rosewood resident Lettheta Ball.

Thursday morning, those at the Plowden Apartments were on the other side of the fence of a plane crash.

Ball says “The first thing I thought about was the apartment complex that we stay at and everybody that lives there. That is close.”

The aircraft was a small powered glider plane with only one passenger.

Public Information Officer for the Columbia Fire Department. Mike DeSumma says “Essentially these aircrafts are small. They only carry so much fuel. Once you get up in the air, you’re gliding essentially. Our understanding is the plane was coming in for landing when it crashed.”

Lettheta Ball says “I hope the gentleman in the plane is okay.”

The pilot was removed from the plane and taken from the hospital, but his condition is unknown. DeSumma says the incident could have been much worse.

“When you’re dealing with a plane coming down, you have to worry about if there’s fire involved. We were prepared to dispatch units to handle any fire.With this crash, there was no fire involved thankfully. You also have to worry about if there’s any kind of fuel spills. With this aircraft being a small one, there was no major issues with spillage. Our main priority was getting here, getting the pilot out of the airport and transported safely to the hospital,” said DeSumma.

Earlier this year, a small plane crashed into a residence in the Rosewood neighborhood, half a mile from the airport. That pilot died. It certainly worries those living nearby. 

For Ball, this is something she’s dealt with before “This is the second time I’ve seen or heard of a crash in this area. That’s kind of crazy. To me, it’s scary.”

The FAA will take over the investigation to determine the cause of the crash and we will keep you updated on the pilot’s condition as we learn more. 

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