The UK Making Big Strides with Wind Power

The United Kingdom, and the adjacent North Atlantic and North Sea, is a windy area. And they are making big strides in taking advantage of that renewable, pollution-free, resource. At times in 2021, wind farms produced as much as 24% of its electricity from wind. That’s roughly enough to power 18.5 million homes. The United States is just now embarking on big wind farms and we can learn a lot from their experience.  See: What the windiest nation in Europe can teach the U.S about wind power (

The Walney Extension

The Walney Extension, a Danish-led and funded project in the Irish Sea off Cumbria, has 87 turbines Ð each around twice the height of Big Ben, standing approximately 190 metres high. See PA story ENVIRONMENT Walney. Photo credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire URN:38366554 (Press Association via AP Images)

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