Consumer News: The Home Depot reports jump in sales, baby formula becoming harder to find and more

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Homeowners are spending plenty of money to improve their living spaces. Home Depot is reporting a big 10% jump in sales in the past 12 months. Those receipts of $36.8 billion topped Wall Street estimates for the company. Competitor, Lowes, has also seen its stock soar this year more than 45%.

The supply chain is now starting to impact infants, as baby formula has become harder to find. Walgreens said the demand for infant formula increased nationwide. at the same time its suppliers are struggling to restock shelves. It could be a big problem for some parents, as it’s not always easy to swap out one brand of formula for another. That’s because some babies can develop an intolerance to ingredients in specific brands.

ABC NEWS– Some good news as we head into the hectic holiday season, the economy is picking up speed. The Commerce Department reports that retail sales jumped nearly 2% in October, with just online sales up 4% themselves. That means delivery businesses have had to up their game to meet demand too. ABC’s Gio Benitez has the details.

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