Clarendon County Sheriff: Schools resume normal operations as investigation into incident in the area continues

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO)– Clarendon County Sheriff Tim Baxley shared more information about an incident in the Summerton area that lead to four schools being placed on lockdown this morning. The sheriff says the schools were placed on lockdown for safety, while they searched for a suspect in the area they believe was involved in thefts from cars. According to officials, the schools have now resumed normal operations.

Before 6 a.m. Thursday, Sheriff Baxley says a man stopped by a gas station on his way to work when he received a notification from his Ring doorbell. The man says he looked at the camera and saw someone going through his wife’s vehicle. The man called 911 as he drove back to his home, where he met with law enforcement officers. According to authorities, the man heard noise coming from his backyard, and he walked back to see a man in the wood line. When the homeowner shouted at the other man to stay put, officials say the man in the wood line pulled out a gun and fired at the man at least five times. Sheriff Baxley says the man was not shot, but his house was hit five times.

Officers say they sealed the area, and called SLED who brought bloodhounds to track the subject. Authorities say they tracked the subject across Highway 15, away from the school area, and eventually lost the track of the man on a dirt road. The sheriff says he believes the subject was picked up around this area.

Throughout their investigation, Sheriff Baxley says they learned of several vehicle break-ins in the area where at least three guns were taken.

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