Thanksgiving feast for soldiers at Fort Jackson

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – Fort Jackson’s Army Drill Sergeant Academy candidates enjoyed quite the feast today.  The men and women make sacrifices to serve and protect including being away from their families during the holidays. It is not easy being away from family during the holidays but throw in delicious food and laughter around the table, soldiers were reminded there is much to be thankful for.”

“You think of what you have at Thanksgiving at home, it’s all going to be here and it’s going to be done the best way possible because we know that an army runs on its stomach,”said Fort Jackson Commanding Brigadier General Patrick Michaelis.

Commanding General Michaelis says dinning manager Silas Bolton and his team work hard to make soldiers feel at home through decorations, music, and a delicious feast. Bolton says food preparations began last night.  

“It’s a good selection. You gotcha turkey, ham, prime rib, salmon, hen, I got a rotisserie chicken running in the back, macaroni and cheese, candy yams, collard greens, stuffing, and all the good stuff,” said Bolton. 

Training Drill Sergeant  Trevor Harney has been in the army for 13 years. He says today’s meal reminds many soldiers of home. 

“I’ve always appreciated how the army does this great display of food for us. This is our second family and so you can always appreciate it even when you’re not around mom, dad, your wife, kids and your love ones. You always know you’re welcome in the army,” said Harney. 

Commanding General Michaelis says the dining staff create a joyous atmosphere and they too sacrifice time with their families. “This is the Super Bowl for the people that work here in the dining facilities. They work all year to make sure this is a memorable experience and lets them kind of create their own family from the soldiers that they serve with, from the leaders that are around them. And they may not be with their blood relatives but they’re with their army family.”

He says around 8 thousand trainees will have Thanksgiving on Fort Jackson, a home away from home.


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